Juragan IPSISalam Pencak Silat!

Garis Paksi is an independent institute whose activities are preserving and developing a traditional martial art of Pencak Silat, mainly coming from West Java and Banten, Indonesia.

This website informs about the profile of Institute of Pencak Silat Inheritance – GARIS PAKSI, all of its activities, and various information concerning pencak silat.  We hope this website can be a part of preservation and development activities of pencak silat.

History of Garis Paksi can not be separated from the experience of the founder, Gending Raspuzi. Various types of Pencak Silat styles he had learned and then organized into a variety of training programs. In addition to providing regular training program, Garis Paksi also organizes Distance Learning Program for domiciled outside Indonesia.

If you want to get a Letter of Recognition as Guru / Master in your school which Indonesian Pencak Silat elements are included, you can contact us with some requirements. We also provide a DVD / VCD Pencak Silat that can be used to guide practice or simply to increase knowledge.

Let’s make peace with martial arts!

Salam Pencak Silat!